Use of Resources – Goals, Targets, Strategies


  • School leaders prioritise ongoing professional learning for all staff and focus on the development of a school-wide, self-reflective culture focused on improving student outcomes.
  • NBPS will build capacity in staff to provide teaching and learning for 21 century students. 
  • NBPS will assist students to become competent and confident users of ICT who can use the knowledge and skills required to assist them in their daily lives.  
  • There are clear links between school priorities and the human, physical and financial resources to meet the strategic direction of NBPS. 
  • Aligning with the Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework, student characteristics funding will be used to target initiatives and programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. 
  • Foster a whole school approach to the ownership of the grounds and facilities to ensure they are maintained to a safe and high standard.  


These targets will be measured annually by Staff, the Executive Leadership Team and the School Board using evidence to identify if the targets are ‘being met’ or ‘working towards’.

  • A NBPS Infrastructure Plan for 2022- 2024 will be implemented and actioned.
  • NBPS takes a highly responsive approach to the allocation of support in line with student needs.
  • Teachers engage in professional learning to build their capacity in ICT skills, knowledge and understanding.
  • All students are explicitly taught coding skills through the use of digital technologies.
  • Teaching staff comply with DoE professional learning requirements.
  • Teaching staff take an ‘Action Learning’ approach to professional learning.
  • The allocation of Human Resources will be proactive and responsive to meet school needs
  • Targeted resource management enhances curriculum content and implementation.
  • Funding is assigned to initiatives and programs to support Aboriginal students’ success.
  • Grants and submissions will reflect the whole school strategic direction.
  • NBPS will have a social media presence to allow rapid response to low level queries.

Strategies 2022

  • Education Assistants will be utlised to support student learning in the classroom and in small groups settings.
  • Tasks and foci for Education Assistants will be set and documented by the classroom teacher in collaboration with their Senior Leader.
  • Intervention Education Assistants will be timetabled Students at Educational Risk through a consultative process with the SaER team.
  • Education Assistants will participate in regular targeted meetings with the ELT to facilitate capacity building.
  • Education Assistants will provide timely feedback on student achievement and progress to the classroom teacher.
  • Teachers will be provided additional DOTT to be utilised for professional learning.
  • Duty roles will be assigned to all teaching staff to meet the needs of NBPS students.
  • Applications such as ActivInspire will be used in the classroom setting to enhance teaching and learning activities.
  • A case management approach will be taken to support individual teachers’ professional development.
  • Staff will negotiate with their Line Manager on how they will demonstrate professional learning to build capacity in colleagues.
  • All staff will complete mandated training in line with DoE guidelines and may require further professional learning as advised by Principal.
  • Finance Committee meetings will be held twice a term and minutes will be available for all staff to review.
  • An OSH representative will regularly review the physical environment to provide feedback and actions to ensure a safe workplace is maintained.
  • The Workload Advisory committee will be invited to meet once a term to address any matters raised.
  • Senior Leaders will provide regular feedback to the ELT regarding human resourcing and school needs.
  • Implementation of procedures to ensure accurate resource lists and asset data bases are maintained.
  • A two-yearly cycle of stocktake procedures will be implemented to ensure accurate data collection.
    Maintain strong ties with the Department of Finance to maximise building improvement outcomes and actioning new initiatives.
  • The Executive Assistant role will be expanded to include grant submissions for equipment, incursions and excursions.
  • The Executive Assistant will manage public relations and media releases, including biannual website updates.