Newsletter/Term Planner


We will keep you informed about school activities throughout the year via the newsletter. The newsletter will be uploaded to our school website with a link posted from our Facebook page. If you are unable to access it via the internet please feel free to collect a copy from the office, it will also be displayed on pin up boards around the school. Newsletters are produced in weeks 3, 6 and 9 of each term. A term planner will be sent home in week 1.

Notes will be given to the eldest child in the family at the school.

Term Planner 2021

Term 1 Planner

Term 1 2021 Planner 

Term 2 Planner

Term 2 2021 Planner

Term 3 Planner

Term 3 2021 Planner 

Term 4 Planner

Term 4 2021 Planner

Newsletters 2021

Newsletter Issue 3 2021

Newsletter Issue 2 2021

Newsletter Issue 1 2021

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Newsletter Issue 3 August 2020

Newsletter Issue 2 March 2020

Newsletter – Issue 1 February 2020

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