A recognised dress code that is endorsed by the school community provides students with a sense of belonging and pride, yet also embraces the school vision of “Strive to Achieve”. The dress code sets the standards for what is acceptable in relation to the clothing worn by students at the school, including headwear, jewellery and footwear.

Please see the school uniform shop for the range of uniform options available at Neerigen Brook or order online with below form.

Our uniform shop is open Wednesdays 8.00 to 10.00 am

If you require financial assistance with purchasing a uniform please contact the office.

Please note:

  • Make up and nail polish are not permitted
  • Shoulder length hair must be tied back
  • Small items of jewellery will be permitted at the teacher’s discretion (2 pieces maximum)

“No hat, no play” policy

Due to the danger of skin cancer, we have a “No Hat, No Play” Policy.

Children without a hat must play in the undercover area. This applies all year, as even on a cloudy day skin can be damaged by the sun. School hats can be purchased from the school uniform shop. We recommend children wear sunscreen to school each day.